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What makes a good movie?

Warning: I wondered if i should be giving this warning right at the beginning or make it a post script. I only thought it fair that a warning should be given at the very beginning. So far, all of the pieces i have written have been about sport. Insightful, they might not have been, but i would like to believe that at the very least, i did not make an utter fool of myself. Sadly, i cannot say the same thing about this piece. The very first time that i have ventured outside my comfort zone, i have made an utter hash of things.  Structure, clarity and consistency are the bare minimum necessities for any half decent piece. It is abundantly clear to me that this piece lacks all the three. I had half a mind to delete the whole piece, but it seemed such a pity to waste the effort, however poor the output might be. I only hope that the popular idiom 'practice makes perfect' proves true.Lastly, at the very real risk of coming across as a narcissist, i request your feedback. 
What makes …